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4 days/week

Two Saturdays/Month





online schedule via

Call/Text or Book Online via Style Seat.  

Schedule frequently fills up at least 4-weeks in advance due to pre-booking my current guests.  

Occasionally there are last minute openings/availabilities due to cancellations.  

Feel free to ask to be added to my waitlist/cancellation list.  


Thank you.

NOTE about Jen and some......

First of all, thank you for taking the time to review my site!  I'm so grateful you have an interest in my background and hope that this bit of info that follows will give you some personal and professional insight about your future beauty professional.....


Hello Fresh Beauty!!!  My name is Jen and I am a generous, kind, hard-working, sometimes sarcastic, proud (not arrogant), short, plump, diplomatic, empathetic woman who can smell bull poo poo miles away, who prefers small, intimate settings versus crowds, gentle yet fiery when needed or provoked, half Filipino, half Caucasian, Utah Native, Entrepreneur.  I've been married for 18-years, together for +23-years, to a Hungarian-Greek, Utah Native. We have a child and dog.

I enjoy family time, home, nature, music, crystals, plants, water, my Stanley, my Hydroflask, dogs, most kids, most elderly, humor, education, empowerment, my people (which most of my guests are my people) and so on.  

As far as some of my professional history, I have an Undergraduate Degree in Business Management, and worked in Finance for 13-years before starting a new career in the beauty industry.  Went back to school to learn a Trade at Cameo Collage of Essential Beauty where I earned my professional license in Master Esthetics in 2012.  After graduating and starting out on my own, I made a commitment to myself that I would continue furthering my knowledge and growth within the industry.  Meaning, obtaining additional certifications with the ever evolving beauty world.  Just because I'm getting older doesn't mean my treatments and offerings need to feel old. 

-UT Licensed Master Esthetician (Since 2012)

-ASCP Member( Since 2012)

-Glymed Plus Clinical Skin Care Provider (Since 2012)

-M'LIS Body Wrap Certification/Provider (2013)

-Salt of the Earth Provider (2013)

-Macroderma Crystal and Diamond Microdermabrasion Practitioner (2013)

-Borboleta Classic and Volume Lash Certificate (2015)

-Sugar Lash Pro and My Brand Lashes Practitioner (2016)

-Sleek Brows Certification/Practitioner (2015)

-Regina Brows Certification/Practitioner (2016)

-Elleebana Lash Lift Certification/Practitioner (2016)

-Elleebana Lash Lift, Belmacil Tints and SPM Trainer (2016-2019)

-Sugar Lash Lift Certification (2017)

-ModVellem Clinical Nano Certification/Practitioner (2017)

-Celluma Pro LED Practitioner/Provider (2017)

-Helen Black Gua Sha Training (2018)

-Revitalash Provider (2018)

-SkinScript Provider (2018)

-Dr. Nefeli Gua Sha Certification/Practitioner (2019)

-Usui Holy Fire Reiki I & II Certification/Practitioner (2020)

-Reiki Chakra Journey Certification (2020)

-Chakra Drumming Certification/Practitioner (2021)

-Cameo Beauty College Dermaplane Certification/Practitioner (2021)

-Dermaplane Pro Dermaplane Certification/Practitioner (2021)

-Face Reality Acne Bootcamp Certification/Practitioner (2021)

-Elleebana Eyebrow Lamination Certification/Practitioner (2021)

-Claudia Odey Brow Lamination Masterclass Certification/Practitioner (2021)

-DMK International Therapies Training I (2021)

-Usui Holy Fire Reiki III World Peace Reiki Master Certification/Practitioner (2022)

-Edge Systems Hydrafacial Certification/Practitioner (2022)

-AnteAGE StemCell Nano/Microneedling Practitioner/Provider (2023)

-Rejuvapen NXT (coming 2023)

-Rejuvapen NXT TruVertical (coming 2023)



Once a home based business, Fresh Beauty is now located in ROOM 115 at the Holladay Phenix Salon Suites, next door to Mary's Bridal and Ace Hardware.  A fun little space with a private room, next to other beauty professionals with their own private rooms.


Please keep in mind, this is not your typical esthetics business.  You will receive personalized beauty treatments that I have personally invested into learning more about with certifications to ensure I am providing you the best within my scope of practice.  I reserach the best products and services that will help enhance and maintain my guests natural beauty.  In addition, I am known to occassionally set a Chakra Balancing Stone on or next to my guests and sometimes burn a little Palo Santo to help calm and promote relaxation during a treatment.  

With that being said, PLEASE DO NOT bring your children to your service as there is minimal space in the room, almost ALWAYS the kids get bored, loud, and winy which changes the calm, open vibe to awkward and it stresses me out.  




Note: I like to be thorough, so I usually sometimes take more time during a treatment than other places, so please make me aware if you are in a time crunch so I may properly accommodate you.


If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me.


In the mean time, please browse the site and I look forward to meeting and servicing you!





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