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With so many different options available, let me help narrow down some limited time treatments as well as a combination of treatments that are often booked by my clients. 



$80 Elleebana Lash Lift

$95 Lift + Tint

$140 Lift, Lash + Brow Tint + Brow Waxing

$140 Lift, Lamination and Tints (No Wax)

$80 Brow Lamination (no Wax)

$95 Deluxe Brow Lamination (includes Wax)

$165 Deluxe Lift and Lamination (incudes Wax)

$250 Duo Hydrafacial + Lash Lift and Tint




For those who want to enhance your eyelashes without the time and cost of eyelash extensions, and want fuller looking eyebrows then the lash lift and brow lamination treatment by a trained professional is for you.

Lash lifting has all the benefits of lash perming in that the results are immediate, plus the curl lasts 4-8 weeks.  In other words, the lash and brow enhancement is going to last for the duration of your lash and brow hair growth cycle.  Our hairs are constantly growing and shedding, so on average I see my lash regular lash and brow guests every 5-6 weeks for maintenance tints/waxing as lift/lamination is repeated very 8-10 weeks on average.

To further enhance your lash lift results, and for ongoing lash lift treatments I highly suggest the take home keratin treatment for lashes and brows.  Most of my guests have the 

Elleeplex Keratin Treatment in Clear and they wear in place of mascara.  


For those who are like me and want that extra texture, be sure to check out the Elleevate Black Mascara

(packed with nourishing ingredients for healthy lifted lashes:  Arginine, Biotine and Keratin).  





*Authorized Retailer

$40 Keratin Treatment (Clear)

$40 Black Keratin + Biotin Elleevate Mascara 



LED Treatment

45-65 Minutes $100

65-75 Minutes with added Chakra Reiki $125



For those of us who are in search of an acne management service and treatment plan I would highly suggest starting out with the Acne LED Treatment so long as you are not severely claustrophobic, or have epilepsy as these lights could highly trigger an episode.  


I am a certified Face Reality Acne professional and combine their treatments with the  FDA cleared Celluma Light which uses different frequencies of light or light wavelengths to penetrate the skin at varying depths that targets the P.Acne Bacteria as well as help soothe inflammation.


If you are feeling stressed and out of balance, I highly recommend the Chakra Meditating, REIKI LED Treatment.  Not only will you skin look and feel great, the chakra meditation reiki treatment will help you feel emotionally energized and relaxed.  



Nano Infusion $185


The perfect Utah Clinical treatment to help professionally exfoliate, plump, hydrate and brighten your complexion without any downtime.  This advanced treatment includes a steamed cleanse, warm towels, extractions if needed, customized nano infusion with AnteAGE and Glymed Plus Stem Cells and LED treatment.  Quickly becoming one of the top three facial services being requested along side of the Hydrafacials and ACNE Treatments.




NEW Hyrafacial Specials.....

Hydrafacial $185 or $500 series of 3

Hydrafacial +Booster + LED $200 or $555 Series of 3

Hydrafacial +Booster+LED+Neck/Decollote $237

Platinum $275

(Lymphatic Hydrafacial+ Boost+LED+Neck/Decollote)





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